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Friday, December 27, 2013

New T and Internals Update

First of all, there is this 3 year wide Nasdaq A/D T , that I've been watching for months and first wrote about here (link). Projected peak for NaADT11/2012  is late July - early August 2014.
Right next to it is new Volume Oscillator T12/2013. I think that shorter blue VOT12/2013 is a correct one, but reliability of this analysis is questionable, T-Theory had alot of misses lately as i noticed back in September in this post (link).

 A completely different look at Volume Oscillator weekly plot. Everything is different here

W VO T 2013
I see a possibility, that 'misses' of T-Theory in 2013 are entirely my own doing. Trying to fit T's into every zig and zag of market. Looking for action. Degenerate Gambler!  Volume trends are not a short term phenomenon, they take time, they can change, they are not constant. So I stepped back to try and see a damn forest.

In this post (link) back in May 2013 I plotted VOT 8/2011 with 1 year cash build up (series of lower highs and lower lows on Volume Oscillator), with multiple touches of down-sloping trendline and bull trap. Very similar to this VOT 6/2013.

VO T 6/2013
The center-post location is very different. Back in 2011 it was a very sharp 20% drop that felt like real bear-market. Summer of this year was nothing alike. I came into June'13 with sizable short position still under water and decided that "...market is not going down, so I have no business to hold shorts..." and became Non - Delta Neutral in this post (link). Then market went even lower. On OpEx day (link) I noted that :"All my A/D indicators are at "last stand" line. In recent past it led to hard V-type reversal." It did, although on June 25 (one day past the bottom) I was making parallels to 1987, noting "...how fast a pullback of a strong bull market turns into failure..." in this post (link). It was a period of high solar activity and geomagnetic storms, economic news where good, all other news where bad, Obama fired Bermonkey on live TV, and $VIX went to 21. That was the bottom.

Top? This is what I wrote 2 days before top on May 20: "Mostly all of internal divergences are gone, and aside from everything being overbought and obnoxiously bullish - there are absolutely no indication of immediate market top." I also laid out my case for being a Perma Bear in the same post (link). All the while I was holding hedge of at-least 3X position  size short via SDS, QID, HDGE, which end up costing me most of spring profits from longs. On May 22 I was 70% invested (post (link)

This year changed the way I think and trade in more ways than one. No one can successfully manage Kapital, while having this type of mush on a brain. Sucker...


Weekly Nasdaq A/D Cumulative (mentioned above)
My A/D indicator (NYSE) with BPSPX and SPXA50R
McClellan Suite: NYMO; NYSI; NAMO
T-Theory Volume Oscillator
Risk-on /Risk-off ratios, aka Confidence indicator (FAGIX:VUSTX;  HYG:LQD;  $SPX:$USB)
Golden Indicator with World Ratios


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