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Friday, June 21, 2013

Op Ex Day

Yesterday I noted here http://evilspeculator.com/?p=36635#disqus_thread
 Everything is down together (stocks, bonds, silver, oil)
No place to hide
Year of Cicadas...lol

All my A/D indicators are at "last stand" line.
In recent past it led to hard V-type reversal.
If fails, SPX will have a 14xx handle by Monday

6/19 - SRS 21.34  Double-short Real Estate (IYR)
I tried to short RE before, but it was too strong and stopped me out. May 22 was the top, and it went straight down without giving me an entry until today - on reaction to 20dma, double inside day breakdown and sto cross. Considering how far and fast it fallen, I can't figure out the target and will play it day-by-day.
6/20 - QID 23.51 After a fake-our breakout, when I stopped out only 2 days ago, this double-short QQQ is back on. Watching 72QQQ area for reaction.

6/20 - XHB 29.54
6/20 - TSLA - 101.80   Tesla was holding fine until today. Poor price action midday. Exit. I need to stay away from TSLA forawhile.
6/20 - PGH 4.82 On stop. Looking for reentry.
6/20 - FB 23.83  For few months I  see accumulation in intraday price action, and expecting bottom to be made, but may be at lower levels still. 24-25 is strong resistance area, also where 200dma is.
6/21 - XLK 30.53

...........................................IN THE NEWS......................................
Obama fires Bernanke on live TV on Charlie Rose program.
Riots in Turkey and Brazil - something about benefits, economy etc. not sure
China's interest rates explode, they doing cash injection into some banks.
Obama and Putin where suppose to have disarmament talks, its seems to fell thru. I guess nuke recycling agreement is a toast. Can't find any info anywhere. Maybe there is hope for uranium industry, represented by CCJ.

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