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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

System 12 Plus. 9-2014

.this update covers activity from 9/18/14 to 10/15/14.


Still can't get it Fully Loaded.
PS: and then I found out why it was so hard to get it loaded - the whole market crap out.
I held a bit longer than I should. Breaking and bending some of the rules is happening again, and now really costing me more then necessary. Bergamot is deeply dissatisfied...

BOT: NVS on 9/30; CHL on 10/7
SLD: PTR on 9/22; IBM on 9/25; GE on 10/1; GOOGL, JPM, NVS, JNJ, BRK, MSFT, WFC on 10/13
DIVI received: PTR

This is MD:

 MD Control: PTR out; NVS in - both slipping in and out
 XOM, GE, WMT are still toying with 'disqualified'.
I don't have AAPL (for a moment), XOM, NVS, and CHL due to Operator Error.
Earnings start  with JNJ on Oct 13, followed by banks.

This is SD:
I have PTR, PG, JPM, IBM
BHP out, ORCL back in, FB moving towards MD (what??!)

This is Arnott Overlay (AO) : XOM, GE, WFC, BRK, AAPL
 RAFI 1000 index was rebalanced. Most recent weightings are here (link). Last check 7/29/2014.

 Arnott Overlay and System12 Select Theme (AOS12s) of System9.
 As of 9/17 it holds BRK, MSFT, GOOGL, IBM, JPM, JNJ, WFC, WMT, GE , and out of AAPL for a moment. Somehow I forgot to buy PG, when i bot it for S12. It's ok, since I have more than I allowed, waiting for inevitable stop-out to take care of that soon.

 EEBL include: IBM, MSFT, WFC

GURU holdings include these S12 stocks: AAPL,  JPM,  WFC
Since mid August, GURU etf changed about a dozen holdings. MSFT, PG where amongst sold ones.
New additions include FB (omg!), HPQ, TMUS, but these are of interest:

KREM September 2014
Continuing massaging that summer idea   http://ibergamot.blogspot.com/2014/08/krem-v1.html
I changed selection criteria a bit, resulting in replacing SOCL with XRT. There are a bunch of financial ETF's coming up (like IAI, KRE etc), so I decided to go with XLF to cover them all. Swapped XES for OIH - they are basically dupes, but I still can't pick which one is better. I like the fact that different set of guidelines didn't make much difference on index composition. Unfortunately I am not too sure how best to use KREM Index. Its not an index of market leaders, just stuff that moves... up and down.