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Friday, May 25, 2012

Looking for Something Positive

From The McClellan Market Report
Thanks Tom.

 The lower indicator in this chart is a 2-day percentage rate of change for HIO (High yield bonds).  It just measures how much price change has occurred since two days before.  When we see a drop of greater than 2% over a two day period, that is usually a great sign of a short term bottom for the overall stock market.

Next is Dem President reelection:
 Finally, I don't know where he is getting this data from, but it was published on Feb 4, 2012 and points to June bottom (BTW my A/D indicator posted its highest reading of the year on Feb 3)
A fight that broke out in the corn pits of the Chicago Board Of Trade earlier this week. Apparently it was a fight over an order. One trader thought that the other trader stole one of the others' orders. (I covered DBA short days ago)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And Fucked some more

 They Are Coming To Take Your Money Away
Ho Ho, Hee Hee, Hum Hum!
I have been warning that government is getting VERY aggressive all because of the Sovereign Debt Crisis. I have warned that this problem CANNOT be solved in the manner in which they are pursuing – taxing everyone & everything. They are about to destroy the economy and we are headed toward a major period of authoritarianism. There is a steady flow of bills being introduced in Washington that are design to eliminate the Constitution all to save the Bureaucracy. They are going to make DWI a federal offense. Sure, drunk drivers are dangerous. The question becomes what is drunk? When there is money involved and profit for government, do not be foolish to really think they are doing anything for society. The kill switch on the Internet is to cut off the free press and to eliminate the right to assemble since they saw how the Arab youth used social media to organize their revolutions.
Now on January 1st, 2013, the US government will be requiring everyone to have direct deposit for Social Security checks and pensions. Why? Well guess what. There is another bill HR 4646 that will impose a 1% tax on ALL transactions in a bank account. This is not income. This is money flow - a 1% tax on all bank transactions which will include paychecks, retirement checks and Social Security checks. That will even include a 1% tax on your refund check from the IRS. They want direct deposit and eliminate “paper money” to enable them to now tax your cash flow regardless if you make money or not. This bill was introduced by Representative Chaka Fattah (D-PA). They will tax everything before REFORM because this is all about retaining power. The next target 2016 is looking very grim indeed. Forget the gold standard. They want everything electronic and eliminate cash! Watch!

Stolen, err borrowed From  http://www.martinarmstrong.org/
Thanks Martin

Yep, Fucked Again

Obama the Oil Man

When Obama ran for President, he told us that oil was stupid. He promised to diversify us away from oil, in favour of grandiose alternative energies, like “clean coal”, natural gas, wind, nuclear, solar–even biofuels!
The ultimate barometer of the health of any business is its share price. Wouldn’t you agreed? Indeud.
Let us have a look at some returns of alternative energy names, over the past 3 years.
How’s the fucking solar sector doing?

Eek, that sucks.
Maybe the coal and nuclear sectors are doing better?

How about natural gas?

Ouch, that fucking sucks too.
I know. I bet biofuels have done well.

Just for fun, let’s have a look at oil.

Odd no?
In just three years, for whatever set of circumstances, Obama has accomplished what Cheney, and his evil band of Halliburton bloodsuckers, could have only dreamt of accomplishing in a lifetime. He has eliminated ALL competitors for big oil. Back in the Bush days, when he was out and about war mongering for oil, causing havoc and shit, there was a myriad of new players threatening to compete with big oil. Lo and behold, Mr. Super Fucking Liberal aka “The O”, hater of the fossil fuel, savior of the planet, has done nothing but foster a healthy environment for big oil, while creating circumstances to fucking poleax and demolish anyone who dared to threaten them.
The beauty of this decapitation is the fact it has gone entirely unreported by the propagandist main stream media, who are too busy sucking his dick, than to take a step back to see what is going on.
Long live big oil.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Just to reply to a stupid email I received:
This is 1987 !, and no I'm not implying that this is going to happen again soon, but there is a striking similarity in failed rally after a double-bottom and following decline. Minus a crash (for now). My point is - we are very-very close to something really-really bad, unless...