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Monday, April 29, 2013

Internals Study

I am attempting (again) to organize a wide array of market internal indicators I use. The problem is - i have them set-up differently at home, at work and at house-by-the-lake. I still refuse to sigh-up for any subscription, including one to Stockcharts-dot-com, where I would be able to keep them set in their Public Lists. So i need to make them compact, and get rid of weak ones.

Here is another problem: T-Theory Volume Oscillator (18,36MACD of $NYUD) is very confusing to me, especially so when using for T's.  I thought its a dead end, but then realized that Im looking at "nested T" - small Volume Oscillator T with center-post at February 25th dip. VO T 2/2013 is about to ran out. Also on same chart: T 11/2012 is the same as BergamotT, but unlike NYMO, Volume Oscillator had a high in mid June and T projected right into Tax-day (give or take a day or two). Green "Irregulat T 4/2013" is missing secondary cash build-up phase and i don't know what to make of it.

This is all fine with benefit of hindsight, and seems to support endless rotation in sectors of S&P. This rotation is increasingly hard to predict and makes for very unhealthy environment, as evident by Confidence Indicator (FAGIX:VUSTX below) still diverging from S&P. This non-confirmation is already big enough, but can get bigger. Golden Indicator also diverging, but this configuration is very unreliable and I decided to ignore it for few weeks/months.
Two studies below deal with Advance/Decline analysis.
        McClellan Oscillator ($NYMO) is basically 19,39 MACD of  Net Advances, the number of advancing issues less the number of declining issues on NYSE. I don't know what to make of it at this time, except that its pushing upper BBand, but at relatively low level. Percent of S&P stocks below 50MA shows a well pronounced divergence, as more and more stocks cannot get above their 50day MA. I wasn't watching Utilities, Staples and Healthcare that rallied strongly over past few months, and my watch-lists show disproportionate share of stocks that broke below 50MA and even already in their own bear market. Bullish Percent Index is similar, normally it lags by a month or two.


         My Nasdaq A/D Indicator deals with Net Advances in more straightforward way. Its simply 5day EMA and 20day MA of $NAAD. Shaded area are periods when 20day MA is below 0, during which IWM is weak, and its coming back above 0 right now. Also significant lows where made on lower readings of 20dma than most recent in April. Divergence is visible since beginning of the year, and lately it also shows up in weakness of Nasdaq New High / New Low since March.
So I'm asking myself: Whats the bottom line? Really don't know, with so many negative divergences and internal weakness in SPX, Nasdaq, IWM etc, still market is not breaking down. In fact NYMO and My Naz A/D Indicator (MNA/DI) have room to upside and can support a 5-10% rally on major averages from here and last into end of May (if Irregular T 4/2013 works out). 

Following this post, Market rallied 6-7% and peaked on May 22.
Pretty good analisys....ha-ha

At last here are two charts I watch intraday. The main version of MNA/DI and VIX. Volatility Index (VIX) looks really strange lately and I give it very little attention.
At close inspection I realized that I use 20 day Exponential MA on MNA/DI and tried to quickly redraw shaded areas in same manner as chart above. I will double check again tonight.

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