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Monday, February 6, 2017

Mindless Idleness

I generally don't read market-related blogs, so not to get influenced by somebody's opinion, but today I got a terrible back pain, had a hard time concentrating on my work and was looking for a brief distraction. One of my favorite writers is a very smart Molecool of EvilSpeculator.com - probably the best place in the interwebs for un-biased opinion on a markets, actionable trading setups and time-tested wisdom. Plus, he writes beautifully - so I always enjoy his style and try to learn something every time.
Lo and behold, the beginning of his post was all about yesterdays Super Bowl - the game that turned dramatically to the benefit of underdog. I don't watch sports in general and would never bet money on a game, but apparently there where million dollar bets on a favorite team to win... with expected results. Constant game fixing is well documented and many cases proven in court, so it bedazzles me why anybody would gamble on sports... but I digress.

What follows is copied from today's article (including a picture at top left) and comment section.

Molecool begins:
"Okay, so let’s get this out of the way once and for all. I can totally understand if you don’t care that much about American Football and may just have better things to do than spend your weekends watching 22 guys in helmets and spandex have at each other. But if the annual Super Bowl doesn’t make your heart jump at least a little then you may as well just buy yourself a ticket to 1980 Soviet Russia and stay there."

That was followed by some gobbledygook about quarterback and his wife, but it was already enough to set me off: