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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VIDEO: T Theory Observations for Summer 2017. Conflict T.

Conflict T projects summer top, while Rate T projects low of stocks. We may see some MOVES...

Winter T of 2016-2017 , mentioned in this video, is here:

Rate T projections of 2017 Low in Stocks was explained in December 2016 video:

Monday, June 5, 2017

Belong Here

Poquessing Middle School Select Choir directed by Jason Leigh.


Amazing video, made by one of parents on iPhone, clocked over 10 thousand views and prompted comments like these:
"Super cool. Love the way it was videotaped"
"I got goosebumps as soon as they started! Sounds great!!!"
"Makes me wish I lived in the area so my daughters could be a part of your group! Bravo!!!"
"Even though you guys are only in middle school, you sound better than some high schools I've heard. Great job!!"

From Jason Leigh Facebook post on May 24 at 8:43pm:
"Last night, the Select Choir tried something new. After the recording session, I hustled the recording company out so we could take a wild stab at our first "music video." It was an interesting experience considering we had never done it before. But, thanks to very patient kids and the kindness of Richard Saxton (our tireless videographer), I think we captured something pretty cool. Please show it to your kids. They are all in it. I edited the footage today with the recorded audio from two weeks ago and, well... I hope you like it. Hopefully the positive message comes through clearly, although I'll never know how we did this on the first (and only) take. Please enjoy!"

On June 5, 2017 at 7:20am Select Choir hit the airwaves.



Mad props to WMMR crew for flawless production, great interview and fantastic sound.
Kate spoke so well... (mama cried whole lot)... with no preparations, girl did it old school - live.
Bergamot is beaming with delight...


Then, at 9:43am at FOX-29 TV studio.
I would be remiss not to mention, that creepy TV anchor needs to lay off the snow.
But more importantly - how do they take a great idea and fucked it up so bad? What, nobody show that clip from You-Tube to TV station editor? People just don't take enough time and care to prepare for their damn job properly. Or maybe those guys missed lectures on select transform and jump cuts, while spending 100 g's on their useless film school diploma. And what's the matter with left cam? Arrrghhh...
Other than that - Mr Leigh is The Man, always super cool, pleasure to see and listen to.
Kids are AMAZING!
That girl in glasses in front of mic... (papa cried a bit)... so proud...


Overnight success couple of years in a making.
In 2015, Select Choir took 2nd place in Christmas Choir Competition on NBC.

Here is The Man behind the magic and The School that makes it all possible.

Thank You.