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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Non - Delta Neutral

XLK - 31.92  Support 31.50, stop under 31. Technology is one of strongest sectors, but i don't have any techies.
ZSL - 85.35 Full position of double-short Silver to hedge. Close stop - if silver doesn't collapse here, it doesn't collapse at-all.

TZA - 30.57
QID - 22.52
HDGE - 15.98
All sold at large loss, aka puke. Market (via SPX) corrected about 5%, which is a normal correction in bull market. I have PF target for SPX 1746, no divergences, and weekly chart looks like legit buy point for at-least few weeks rally. 5 week EMA of SPX is 1639, I see it as a line between UP and ??? For now market is not going down, so I have no business to hold shorts. It may change fast - then I will change.

I dropped all short hedges except double-size position SDS. Mainly I am pretty tired of seeing all my profits from long positions being wiped out by shorts, including degenerates from HDGE. Specifically about HDGE- I understand certain fundamental criteria makes stocks seems overvalued, but price has to go down too. Theirs don't.

S&P500 closed above 1650 and just a couple of points above June double-bottom high. Whether its a true break-out or not, in most purist technical sense - we have a series of higher lows and now higher highs, hence the trend changed to up. Close below 50dayMA or most recent lows will invalidate this trend change.
A triangle from late May is also busted, besides it never made it to target, which makes this market stronger or so it seems. I am not much sure about anything, especially until tomorrow - FOMC day, that is why I kept SDS (double-short S&P) and in size.

When market next collapses, it may be a big one. I think I get it by now - how things work that is - I don't see present investors keeping any gains, if history can be used as a guide. I have seen a lot of history.

FSCHX(CEX) 2/3pos;   NM, PGH, SLV, TRX, SIL, RGLD half-pos



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