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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Fly Review of My Blog

This site is a god damned mess. Change the name of the site immediately. Why is there a moon widget on the side? I want to punch that thing in the face. Stay focused, clean up the site. Websites are not christmas trees. You don’t have to put a toy on every branch. This is a gentleman’s business and your website should reflect that. Your paragraph structure is screwy too. It’s too bad, since this site is updated frequently with decent content. Grade: C-
 My Reply:
 Dear Mr Fly,
Thank you for your detailed review (all 5 lines of it).
I would like to respectfully point out that name of my site is MY name, as I don’t associate myself with any group of bloggers or any investment style. I run money. I don’t answer to anybody. i-Bergamot. Why? Cus I like it!
As far as Moon – point your browser directly here http://ibergamot.blogspot.com/2012/08/read-moon-phases-im-not-crazy.html. Look it up – there is plenty info on internets and quite a few books.
Just like Daily Global Economic Calendar, these are MY tools, I keep them visible to me at all times.
Those god-damned ads do make it look like a christmas tree, that I agree.
As far as paragraph structure – Fuck You !
How is that?
My P/L strongly disagrees.
It gave me distinct pleasure to reply in these this compact and beautiful words: "Fuck You".
It's the best testament to my independence and self-worth.

      I made this blog originally as a necessity, so I don't have to carry my journal around with me to office and house-by-the-lake. Than I added few gadgets - Moon (so I don't sell-out on new moon), Sun (I have a whole theory behind that) and other stuff. Global Calendar already proved itself as an invaluable tool.

      Most of all, I didn't copy this from anybody, wasn't taught this in any college-shmolege, nobody gave me tips or recommendations.  All mine. Not for some benefit or ads income (Ads revenues to date $16). Not for fame - I really don't care. Only for my use, so I can run my money better, so I can go back and see what I thought, felt and did at certain key points. So I don't forget.  Someday soon I will do it full time - it's better to learn from small(er) mistakes.

      In the process, I kinda started to like writing. I was never good at it, even at school I was getting B's at best. Guess I didn't have anything good to say. Nowadays I often just re-read my own posts and find myself surprised: "How did I managed to put it just this way? I don't even know these words!"  I like this Bergamot dude - he is like my alternative personality, or something. And he is profitable! In real money!

     O, fantasy investment is always sooo profitable. I've been around investment blogs long enough, and was following phony's long enough to understand - you either blog or you trade. The only guy who did both was Norrin, and trolls did him in pretty quick. Finally he just said: "Fuck You", and disappeared. I don't blame him. He was my great teacher, I'm sorry I lost him, and forever greatful.
      Good Night

But Fly’s correct. Proper paragraphing is nine tenths of writing and 9.6 tenths of blog writing.
People will just not get through it if you go on and on, and on… etc.
i Bergamot says:
I’ll see about that ASAP.

Update 2/23/2013:

         I always tell my kids: "Listen and learn from people who know more than you do".  Following my own advise, I decided to look into this Proper Paragraphing issue. Maaan, there is a lot to learn. Apparently, there is a whole set of rules about structure, indentation, topic and supporting sentences etc.

         Being an avid reader and an amateur thinker does not lead directly into being a good writer. Like any craft, it requires knowledge of inner-workings, learning tricks of the trade and above all - practice. Just writing down my spontaneous mind-farts is not enough. It really has be readable.

         I entered this Fly's Blog Contest on a spur of the moment, without any specific goal in mind. Obviously, iBergamot is neither qualified, nor has any desire to be part of somebody-else's business. I am really done with "partners" of all sorts, but it doesn't mean I should stop learning from The Best. Therefore I must extend a big  thanks to The Fly and Jake Gint for taking time to review my messy dwellings here at iBergamot, and offering an actionable advise.

          With my top hat clenched in a sweaty palm, I stand corrected.


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