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Monday, January 28, 2013

Positions, BTFT, S12T

2/1 - CCJ - 21.72 (return of "Uranium Trade"? - I've been waiting for this)
2/1 - TM - 97.50
1/30 - BHP - 78.66 (S12T) technically its not in MD, but its #14 and in BTFT and looks good
1/30 - BRK/B - 96.87 (S12T)
1/30 - SCTY 14.31 Half pos. Lets try it again. 13.50 is only support.
1/29 - EEM 44.16 One day its lagging, another leading... I have no idea. Close stop.
1/29 - XOM - 91.50 (S12T)
1/29 - PTR 142.80 (S12T)
1/29 - CVX 116.64  (S12T ; BTFT)
1/28 - GOOG  754.55 (S12T)
1/28 - IBM (S12T ; BTFT)

1/30 - IWM 88.78 Sold 1pos on stop, still have 1pos on, waiting for 20dma. 
1/30 - FB 31.23 Half-size out. Have 1/2pos on. ER is a disaster, down 7% AH. Holding.
1/29 - FB 31.19 Half-size out. Still have 1pos on. Earnings tom AMC. Need to sell half before.
1/25 - CG 31.01 Half out. This thing is up 20% in 10 days. wow. SR is still 12; P/E 2 (TWO!) ER - 2/21. Achieved all targets from this post (link), there will be more (this bull has legs)
1/25 - EEM 44.02 (small gain) All out - emer mrkts have been lagging for days. Looking to re-buy.
1/25 - TAN 18.35 out on possible double top and bad news.. Looking to re-buy.
1/25 - SCTY 15.45 (B/E) on bad reaction to news. Looking to re-buy.

on SCTY (1/25/13) -  Only yesterday I was buying more, cus it Looked like this is all of reaction its going to get. I was hoping to buy more around 15... And today Fucking politicians are killing Solar industry again.
Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Jersey - just this week. Wait for more announcements.
 SCTY is a new issue, with no earnings history, no analyst coverage, hell - it doesn't even have a message board on Yahoo.
May take some time.
Patience I have, tolerance for losses I do not. With only support at 13.50ish (thats over 10% down from here), I would rather wait without position than hope.

Notes 1/30:
TBT has to hold Jan low 63-64, or its a trap again.
KOL, SLX are failing
IBB stop on close under 144
 $CEX, XLU are for tracking intraday for FIUIX, FSCHX
IWM, Chemicals and Utilities are 2x positions, CG half, FB 1.5x

Watch List:

MD - all must be entered by Feb 8, unless exit criteria met. This will start S12T.
Update 1/29 -  still need BRK/B, GE, RDS/B.   BHP set up nicely for tomorrow, its in BTFT and #14, but I'll take it just the same.

BTFT - all entered into OX paper trade on open 1/28/2013.
GE, IBM, RDS/B, CVX are not in BTFT and will have to be added within 2PP. This will start LP.

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