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Friday, January 4, 2013

Carlyle Group, take two.

BOT:  CG @ 26.20 (1 full position - I want more hopefully at higher price and soon)

I was stopped out of Carlyle Group at the lows of last reaction here (link) and I said:
11/27 - (sell) CG on stop 24.95. Re-entry possible, just need to close over 25.50.
Well it did, and more. Need wider stop.

Some things are really strange. Company website has total shares 300mil, but float only 43mil. Can't find when and if more shares coming to market. SI is 1.5mil - that's 15 to 20 days to cover!
20mil shares (or half! the float) belongs to Hank Herrmann of Waddell & Reed and Ivy Funds. WASAX (link) is a mut fund that holds  8.8mil . WSJ has the most data on ownership here.
What is the connection between these people? Would David  Rubenstein be worried that some dude holds half the shares. Do they trust each other so much? That I don't know, but from the chart I see that
25.50 area should hold any reaction, but I will give it extra day and 0.50 or more.
PF targets are all over the place - 29.20;  30.15;  31;  31.20.
Here are other PE firms. CG is not the strongest chart, but they are similar and look good.

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