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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cocoa, Coffee. Positions.

1/10 - TBT @ 66.15
1/10 - EEM @ 44.70. Bought a final third, now it's a 2x pos and I don't want any more.
           I wrote about TBT and EEM here (link) on 1/10/2013.
1/11 - NIB @ 30.74 (see below)

$CEX, XLU are for tracking intraday for FIUIX, FSCHX
IWM, EEM, Chemicals and Utilities are 2x positions.

Watch List:


NIB tracks Cocoa pretty closely. Also $DJACC - cocoa sub-index.
Weekly looks ready for a bottom. Daily must not close below 30.
PF charts are a mess, as should be expected at turning point.
HalfATR chart points to that 30 mark, but traditional has bullish PO of 56 - about 2011 highs.
Now I also watch coffee.

UPDATE 1/17/2013:
What a mangled-fuck. I was looking at Dec 20 chart. Have to be more careful.
Anyway, analysis stays the same. Here is today's PF chart, showing Cocoa hitting 30 on the nose, bullish PO of 33.25, smaller HalfATR (bullish), and 30 mark as support.

On matters of FB :
The way it looks now, I'm not going to fight the turns. Will wait to see how reaction goes and maybe buy more. As of friday,  FB was out of ALL BBands for 3 days. Gravity has to take hold. I hope it comes down a little so I can add. Something is cooking in there. Remember, this company is a worthless fraud. Right? Or so they said

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