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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New High. 1480 on SPX. SCTY

1/17 - SCTY 14.60 half pos
Lyndon, Peter and "ma niga" Elon Musk managed to put together one helluva company.
 No shit, this is actual picture from their website, and it gives me real pleasure to see young faces of their management team. I am a pretty good  face reader, and I am smiling looking at these boys and girls.
No indicators, no support/resistance, no earnings, no price history.
Buying half
We had a spirited discussion about that here (link) :
           Thanks for the heads up, but have you seen their financials for the last two quarters?  Plus solar companies have been going out of business like hotcakes lately.
 i Bergamot
            You must be reading my mind.
Why do you think I only bought half?
There is one serious point to consider: very soon this will be the biggest private energy producer in USA. Variant perception?
That aside, IPO went out at much lower price than originally planned and as of today 13-13.50 area is a support. This is only price point that matters to me now, we will have more info (technical and fundamental) soon. Think about it, nobody knows a thing, but price keeps going up

Darth_Gerb, Incorrigible Iconoclast - Loyalist Leech
  I'm sorry, but faces & money do not necessarily correlate IMNSHO.
I reply:
         I stand by my opinion, that management of SCTY are young, ambitious, driven young people. In finance it's bad, in service/manufacturing it is a combination that been changing the world thru-out history. Look up Elon Musk and see what he did, and what he set out to do.
Having said that, my stop is below most recent low, until further instructions
Then this:
            Youth and exuberance is no match for age and treachery.
I answer (how do i come up with this shit?):
            Fuck old people
World of the future belongs to young. Young of heart and mind. They don't know what is impossible, they don't know not to charge, they think they will never die... Do that and you will never grow old
(iBergamot grabs oxygen mask)
Something  unusual happened yesterday: (wrote here):
 Very narrow range on Nazdaq A/D.
Low -582; high -314. Negative all day long, thats no good.
Over past 6 months I only find 2 days with this narrow range. One end of August, one beginning of November. Both happened after a low vol sideways consolidation, both followed by explosive continuation of preceding trend.
Just one more piece of the puzzle
And so today SPX and IWM hit new highs. QQQ and Naz lagging.
I am 75% invested, all long. YTD profit is little over 5%, and this is only 2 weeks of this year.

I really want to reflect, that on October 30, 2012 I wrote here (link):
My research shows a high amount of promising situations. Wide variety of great setups is presented. This type of situation happens couple of times a year at most. In the past, I only made aware of it when it's too late. Now I'm in it as it unfolds, already positioned in best and strongest areas...
Well, it did happened just like I said. Unfortunately I wrote it when I was liquidating my fucking Flagship account, so no, no, I did not benefit from this knowledge. Subsequently and because of massive emotional breakdown, it took me good 2 months to get back on my feet. I promised myself not to dwell on this, and I wont, but this one time I will look back, acknowledge and move on.
    Incidentally, I have a new plan and it's better than old one. May take a couple of years, but it will give me a sizable account to manage, so I can finally do it full time. It will be all mine, no investors, no partners.

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