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Monday, January 7, 2013


Weed is a 40 to 120 bil industry, meaning it's between pets and beer. But really nobody knows for sure. I had CBIS on my watch list for years, but that company is issuing shares at every ramp. Seems they are mostly mining the market, although theirs is the only independent medical research out there.This reminds me of how a Rare Earths started. Bunch of pink sheets and BB junk. Some will fail.
Read this: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1084571-marijuana-industry-support-grows-2-stocks-to-own-if-it-hits?source=yahoo
One of comments:
Some of these companies - I should actually say the management of these companies are bullshit. SRER for example, is not in the MJ business any longer. If you bought the stock because of weedmaps.com, well, they sold that for 3 million and are now looking at "opportunities in ..., tattoo parlors..." What did shareholders get from that sale? NADA! HEMP is out trying to give corporate finance 101 lessons in their press releases to justify their craptasticness after a series of spin offs that leaves shareholders with more or less nothing. A couple seem ok. PHOT seems to be legitimately trying to start a holding company of MJ businesses. TRTC has a couple decent sites for selling growing stuff. MDBX, AVTC are an interesting story but takes more nerve than i have to buy mdbx here. I think SRER, ERBB, HEMP are worthless; I'm on the fence with MJNA and CBIS; I Like: PHOT, TRTC, AVTC, MDBX, GWPRF, and possibly FSPM. Not real familar with GRNH.
(UPDATE 12/17/2013)

UPDATE 1/9/2014
An interesting discussion was here: http://evilspeculator.com/?p=39899
Some of my comments:

MJ should never be illegal, for (many) reasons, but mainly because of Hemp. A wonder plant used to produce everything from fabric and paper to food and fuel, until it was made outlaw in 1930's. Incidentally, the most powerful congress lobby at that time where grain and cotton farmers (an equivalent of today's bankers and big oil). Conspiracy theory? Sure. Not if, but when we will be able to grow Hemp in USA again, farmland will go thru the roof, and nobody will be selling.

 IMNSHO, legalization of harmless herb will do the same wonders for our economy, as legalization of alcohol did during Great Depression.

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