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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day before Liquidation

The most disturbing thing in this situation is : I Will Never Find Out how it ENDS !
I'm not afraid of fuck-up. I  take a chance, I  push and try. Fail and start again. I  make all new mistakes and try not to repeat old ones. I go for it until Fat Lady.
This is totally different. My chance is taken away. My work has no use. My obligations are not fulfilled, even worst - my best chance to fulfill these obligations is no longer an option.
All this is happening just as i am going full speed, working maximum hours with outmost dedication. My research shows a high amount of promising situations. Wide variety of great setups is presented. This type of situation happens couple of times a year at most. In the past, I only made aware of it when it's too late. Now I'm in it as it unfolds, already positioned in best and strongest areas, also in Rare Earths and PM. Invested by over 100% and fully prepared to go up to 250%. My risk management and position sizing makes it possible with less then 10% risk at this moment in time. This is situation for which Flagship account was open, this is what it meant for. A combination of key leading ETF's with "kicker" individual stocks with futures hedge when necessary. Beautiful, powerful, diversified and low risk - my creation. I have no other account set up for that.
  A modest 20% rally on 250% invested account is 50% profit. This is how it's done; This is what I'm talking about; Nobody listens. Crickets. Fuck.

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