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Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to Business

I'm back.
Not in terms of being bullish. Not at all.

I was resting for about a month, but in a strange way. I needed a rest, was sick and tired and decided to take it easy in stock-market, especially since entering this "not right" situation. Sometimes its just better to stay away, let the dust settle a bit, let somebody else get chopped-up and wait when there is better risk-to-reward ratio (be it on long or short side). The way this turned out was - I stopped doing my journal entrees, stopped research, but continued to trade, albeit at slower pace and with less that half of account invested. Not surprising, my gains are reduced somewhat. No biggy, but unnecessary. So next time I decide to rest - I will go to cash completely, otherwise it could turn into ugly mess. Therefore, I am back to business.

Positions: about 35% invested
 FSCHX 2/3 ; TSLA 1/2
All  PM and miners are 1/2 position size each.
Also tiny amount in MJNA, PHOT, HEMP all together less than 1/3 pos.

Right now i need to bring this journal up to date, finish all latest posts and  review my positions. Also I was making a list of industries and "General Idea's" - so why not to review each one of them here. Maybe even make some video's

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