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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


HDGE is actively managed short fund with bottom-up, fundamental, research driven security selection process (that's what they say). Expence ratio is 3.3%, only 270mil, no leverage, premium/discount very small.

The idea is this - if we are going into a sizable shit-storm, I want to be short weakest companies. Letting somebody make a picks? Lets see what they can do. So far not very impressive, but it is a bear ETF in a bull market

Here are top holdings as of 4/22/2013. They look bad, so its good!

Other shorts as of 2/5 and 3/31

John Del Vecchio and Brad  Lamensdorf are managers. John even wrote a book about short selling. Amazon reviews are pretty good.

Here is Brad  talking down FOSL, CTL, GT. Pushing your book, ata boy.

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