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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Full Moon

Full Moon, Lunar eclipse, solar is active non-stop every day.  All we need is a juicy news story.

4/25 - SRS 18.60.    (   % loss on Half pos)
4/25 - IMAX 25.95 on earnings. No so much as earnings are bad (I am actually not sure), but it is definitely not a LVM. LowVolatilityMover does't go 4% down and 3% up within one day. Chart is still not bad, I will review it next week. I sold at the top of support zone for   (   % loss on Half pos), so far its still low of the day (2:06pm est), volume is very high.
4/25 - SCTY 23.87 This thing is up almost 20%. Selling 1/4 pos on close stop. Still have 1/4pos on.

I will be out of office tomorrow on 26th. Do i set close or far stops?

April 25, 2013
TSCO earnings. Initial sell off sharply reversed. I need to look into what are they doing right.

HDGE is getting killed, many their top holdings reversing sharply to upside. Hopefully its just a short squeeze. I will give them more time, but not much more.
HDGE UPDATE 4/29/2013. Top holdings. Added FOSL, COH;  dropped FFIV

In the News:

April 24, 2013  -  CYBER ATTACKS
“On April 23rd, Schwab was one of the most recent targets of a “denial-of-service” attack perpetrated by a third party. ... Based on the history of denial-of-service attacks on other companies, we anticipate these attacks may continue against our industry – and us – for some time."
Also on 4/25 many complained about slow internet connection, misquoted charts and some kind of problems with quotes at CME/CBOE.  My price watch list at OX (Schwab) is acting up all day long, but i did not receive any messages. My Streaming Charts are fine, orders where executed without problem.

Deutsche Bank Downgrades Gold Miners     
 Deutsche Bank Markets Research downgraded three stocks, cutting Barrick Gold (ABX) and Kinross Gold (KGC) to Hold from Buy, and lowering their rating for Newmont Mining (NEM) to Sell from Hold. They kept Goldcorp (GG) as a Hold.
 Under a $1,500/oz gold price scenario we believe NA Gold producers equity values become “scissored” between a sharply lower-than-expected gold price and still rising capex commitments/ operating costs/ cresting resource nationalism, leading to large potential shareholder dilution in 2H13. Under $1,500/oz gold price scenario, net present values decline by 21%, with larger drops to prior NPVs seen at Kinross and Newmont (given relative higher cost operations). Under an extreme $1,300/oz gold scenario NPVs fall 78%…

 Barron's Big Money Poll is crazy bullish
74% of money managers identify themselves as bullish or very bullish about the prospects for U.S. stocks -- an all-time high for Big Money, going back more than 20 years. What's more, about a third of managers expect the Dow Jones industrials to scale the 16,000 level by the middle of next year

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