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Friday, October 26, 2012

Possible T, just need the bottom

  • I Bergamot
     /ES. 1418 is still important.
    Just in case, there is a traditional A/D T. Just need a double bottom for centerpost.
    DG ! Look it up. You are a Tee expert
  • Darth_Gerb, Incorrigible Iconoclast
  • EDIT: yes, very good.
    for the illiterate, the descending highs indicate a 'cash build up' period.
    a decline to a major low (NYMO) would indicate an end of that period, and a start of a rally, such as Fearless is alluding to. The rally would be of equal measure as the descending build-up period. The blue rectangle of 2010/2011 is a good example.

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