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Monday, October 29, 2012

iBergamot. Part 2.

 I'm Working on It.
Goes without saying, this campaign is not over. It started suddenly during December 2011, and went  with minor setback in May. Even that did't cost me too much. Now for sure, I'm going with direction of bull market. This dip  right now - I was buying, heavily into leading strongest stocks.
That is not a plan anymore.
With main account gone, so are my plans for larger operation. Not that am going to quit. O, no! Not until the Fat Lady. It's just that moves I planned out are no longer available. Need new plan.
In the mean time, I still have money to run. I'm responcible for it, and its no less important than before.
Plus, I still have System 10 and it's "on" right now. Except for hurricane that closed the market. I'm just waiting.

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