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Sunday, October 28, 2012

iBergamot Lost

And just like this, I lose. My biggest Flagship account puled money yesterday. Everything will be sold on Monday before close. He needs money. I promised that portfolio will be liquid and money are available at any time. He understood this is not one time kind of a deal, that money grows over time, thru ups and downs. But reality is not often what I perceive or prepared for. My biggest fear was not my losses - I had my fair share; always recovered and made more. I was afraid that IB will go under and take my account with it. Well...
Now I am like a cab driver whose Ford Crown Vic is taken away, and he is given Smart instead. He can drive around, but making money as cab driver... It's kinda not an option anymore.
And what the Fuck am I suppose to do with all my research, stock selection, preparation, strategy etc. You know...

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