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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

System-9 Asset Allocation

First of all, congratulations to iBergamot:Bergamot Capital Management (BCM) is fully operational!
I need to change my slogan. "Working full time; Trading the rest of the time" is no longer true.
Also, I really don't need to keep this blog going, but will anyway.
My journal helped me on several occasions.

System 9 account grew significantly lately, and now can hold over 30 positions of my standard size. I was thinking about increasing position size, but decided to hold off. Rather I want to classify my holdings by asset type, in order to keep each segment from growing too big.
OTOH each active theme in System 9 should be represented by meaningful investment.

3 full positions is approximately 10% of portfolio.
Investment Theme that doesn't have 3 (full or half) positions on will not be classified separately, but will go into one of following groups:
- Industry. 
   Stocks/ETF of Real Stuff, producers, manufacturers etc that make things and use stuff.
- Other Stocks. This section presently holds DVA, GEO, MHFI, YELP - like I said... other stocks...

Industry       23%
Other            9%
PM             22% (precious metals and miners)
Agriculture  18%
International  9%
Shippers       8%
Marijuana     4% (I sold more than half from LB account)
Cash less than 10%

I have most of these (few that i don't have - i am looking to buy)


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