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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

System 12 - Fully Loaded

  "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Mark Twain

"I can massage data so well - you will think I have two dicks. But in reality, I am just a pussy"  iBergamot

Pseudo-statistics. What a beautiful little concept to sell endless trading systems and methods to muppets. Doesn't work for you? O, its just human nature - you are a flawed mother-fucker. And lazy too... didn't do proper testing. Testing... TESTING... Why are you people testing random shit? Why is this kind of candle-stick after that kind of a stick, so many sticks from some other fucking stick should mean anything to stick +1? These people are mad scientists. No wonder they always seems to blow up. Some system...

Index. I have an INDEX!  Mega Dozen (MD) is essentially an index of very best, biggest, most liquid, multinational, profitable, dividend paying corporations. Not my opinion. Market voted, I just added some filters and guidelines. No manipulation here, no scam, no agenda. My System 12 is not some cockamamie  index of stocks - its a collection of the best companies money can buy. Really

System 12 BCM:

Although S12BCM has 13 positions as of 3/25, I don't count it as Leveraged Period (LP) yet.
RDS, GE from MD; and NVS, PFE from SD are very close to stop
This starts the most interesting period in System 12.
Based on rules, I must buy any newly qualified and available MD stocks, even if I have 12 positions on. This will start LP.  I cannot buy any more SD stocks, unless I have less than 12 positions on.
System 12 BCM is Fully Loaded!

BOT:   PG on 3/17;  WMT on 3/21; AAPL on 3/25; XOM on 3/26
SLD:   GOOG on 3/24; AAPL on 4/7;   PFE on 4/7
DIVI received: RDS, MSFT, JNJ, WFC


This is MD:

MD Control: PG replaced with JPM
I don't have XOM, GOOG, PTR (still disqualified by a smidge)
GOOG changing shares: Apr2 last day Ashares; Apr3 starts classC; Apr8 settlement
 RDS  not sure when earnings. Year end in Dec., results published in March?
BRK annual report in Feb-March?

This is SD:

I have: PG, PFE, IBM, NVS
CVX disq under 118.50; HSBC drops to #18 (disqualified); new addition ORCL!
VOD removed.

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