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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bergamot Capital Management

Ever since I decided to Spring to Action, my life changed for better, as I look forward with great hope and anticipation. Exciting opportunities abound and I continue to come up with new plans (some more realistic than others). I guess I've been ready for some time, just my 'idea muscle' atrophied - I got old. I didn't noticed how I lost exuberance of young mind, even as I wrote here in January 2013:
   Fuck old people
World of the future belongs to young. Young of heart and mind. They don't know what is impossible, they don't know not to charge, they think they will never die... Do that and you will never grow old
Unfortunately, I forgot to practice what I preach.
By sheer chance I came across James Altucher:
I've been exercising that 'idea muscle' ever since. Its working. Thanks, James

Bergamot Capital Management (that's me) will have several orientations, with a goal to diversify. In case something doesn't work out, I will have a workable current idea in progress to fall upon. Also very important to continuously look for new directions

1. Financial Speculation.
 I am in process of pulling capital from everywhere to fund my old OX account. They finally fixed streaming charts, so I don't have to look for new data provider. Costs are a bit high, but its an old dependable platform, so it will do for now. This will run Systems 11 and 12 continuously and on margin.

2. Real Estate.
There is little doubt that real estate cycle bottomed. Presently, its quite possible that some areas are somewhat overheated again, but not where I live. I figure there is at least 10 years before we see housing bubble again, so I have time. I am not sure if straight 'flipping' of properties will work now, as economy is rotten and not getting better. Plus I am out of cash. Methinks a better way is to take a fixer-up'er, and work on it slow and steady, in order to unlock its intrinsic value (Warren Buffet style).  Considering my long experience of fixing my own place and building 2 offices of MSPV, and a fact that I do a better job then most contractors, my own labor will naturally become my profit. I already started.

3. Investing in People.
Its one thing to invest in businesses. What is business, but a place with machines, phones and a stock ticker? People are the most important and the ONLY asset. Everything else can be bought on Amazon and sold on E-Bay. 
Enter DJ Boichik of Ibiza Entertainment. A dynamic personality, with IQ of genius and work ethics of Greatest Generation. 
A visionary. 
Fuck you.
I bet on Character and win every time!

4. I have a new idea about "How-to" video on You-Tube, with ads. I watch these videos all the time, they have thousands of hits. I got everything set for it already, just not sure where get the time to do it. I still need a bit of sleep, lol. This may have to wait until spring. Still its a kind of doable, realistic idea, that is also scalable (Taleb, yes). I need more of these...

What a Journey!
Only a year ago I wrote a life-changing post "John Galt". Everything I wrote then is even more true now:

   I grown alot, I changed alot, I learned alot and I am not done. I haven't even begun. Looking at myself as if from the distance, I see this quiet confidence I never had before. Confidence of standing in a forward cabin of 100-miles in hour train. Not afraid, not confused.
        My method, My skills, My road 

Today... more than ever...

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