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Monday, December 17, 2012

John Galt

          Just about around this time a year ago something happened. I was writing my journal by hand back then. It was very inefficient and cumbersome.  I was wondering why, why do i need to write it? Some very interesting people in books and on the internets where recommending to keep a journal. I think now I know why. Switching to a blog was a necessity rather than choice. I couldn't bring my journal to work, I needed to have screens, ideas and watch lists just as I have them at home.
        About this time a year ago I was struggling, loosing money and my mind. I need to find that notebook and read what I wrote a year ago. I do know , or I think I do, what I am going to face.
        I grown alot, I changed alot, I learned alot and I am not done. I haven't even begun. Looking at myself as if from the distance, I see this quiet confidence I never had before. Confidence of standing in a forward cabin of 100-miles in hour train. Not afraid, not confused.
        My method, My skills, My road

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  1. Money is just a tool, the master knows how to use it. Before you become great you must face many bumps down the road.