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Friday, June 28, 2013


6/27 - ZSL  110.17  Half out at +30%
6/27 - TBT  73.48  Half out 10% profit
6/27 - SRS  21.07 Small loss again. How do I manage to take small losses on a short of weakest group. Not good at-all!
QID - 23.48 Scratch at B/E. I find it confusing to short QQQ - first its leading than its lagging SPX. I find IWM price action much easier to read. At the moment IWM is strongest, trying to get atop of all ma's on daily chart.
6/28 - ZSL 103.32 All out
6/28 - NIB 28.44 Stopped out on lowest print. Damn. I would rebuy it right back, if all commodities where not so weak. Generally speaking I think softs need to be traded differently - hit and run, don't sit thru corrections. Specifically, both NIB and BAL where in profit at some point, but end up stopped at loss. The only problem with this - how do I hook a big trend?

6/28 - SLV 18.75 Half pos. Now I have 1 full position.
6/28 - GDX 23.98 Half pos. Now I have 1.5 pos size.
6/28 - SCTY 37.75 Half pos
7/2 - VNM 19.30 Half pos. I think its a strongest of all Emerging Markets, very close to last support.
7/3 - SRS 21.21 Re-enter at higher price. IYR is breaking down again below 20dma. Close stop above recent high 67.10(IYR)
7/3 - BAL 54.58 Half pos. Lets see if I can trade it quicker.

Yesterday  NYSE A/D hit highest intraday reading of all 2013. Nazdaq is not far behind.
Overall A/D was a poor indicator since May top - it keeps flip-flopping.
Four days ago it signaled a bear market and crash warning.
As of yesterday it gives all clear to bulls, correction is over.
That's summer market for you
I intend to do very little, if nothing at-all until after holiday.

Market is not out of the woods yet. Its presently in 1610-1620SPX  resistance, then gap-fill ~1630, then 1650 bull trap (that caught me here (link)). Weekly is painting a hammer again at support 20wma. Daily is not a bad rally off 1560 low, with gaps everyday making it hard to buy. Internals improving sharply.  I really have to consider that this is a buyable dip, but I will hold off all new purchases because I am being whipped around too much. Concerning is big selling on close every day for weeks with Market-On-Close (MOC) sell imbalances (per Mr TopStep).  
There is a ton of support starting with 1598SPX.

Astrology Traders report on recent high solar activity here:
"On June 28th a geomagnetic storm began, at its peak the storm sparked Northern Lights across the US as far south as Kansas....The key dates I have mentioned were April 6, 2013, September 18, 2013, and September 28, 2013. "

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