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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa X-mas Massacre

12/21 - FSMEX 28.03 (Med equipment) Received dividend and closed. This industry is a disappointment. Nothing really happened, and although I made some profit, time to go.
12/20 - JJG on-stop 52.76 (see below what I posted about this)
12/20 -  ZSL half of half @ 51.70. Keeping less than 1x pos short silver. It's a runner.
12/18 - ZSL half @ 46.33. Locking in some profits. Still have equivalent of 1.5 x short silver.

12/21 - QID @ 29.95 1pos of double-short QQQ (see below what I posted about this)

Attention Holiday Shoppers!
Your spending sucks!
Retail at key support. Yea, it looks like such a beautiful inv H&S, but it it fails...
If you like X-mas sales, wait for "Going out of business" sales
 Nazdaq A/D has 3rd lowest reading since summer.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but the market just got blown up. What if there will not be a Xmas rally?
        QID is what i bought to short QQQ.
Stop? I don't need no stinkin' stop, but gap fill is all i prepared to lose.
 I'm looking at grains knifing lower, busting  BBands. Tried a long via JJG - stopped out, but looking for reentry. I have nothing to short them with (like short etf), but they can really fall big.
"Santa Silver Bullet" is a really nasty one.
But whats most amazing is all this with Dollar falling.

 AAA said that today will be the last full working day before Xmas. People will start taking off tomorrow. If it is we will see it in lower volumes. How do you roll ES contract without volume?
Santa is all thumbs, covered in coal dust

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