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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cancel Christmas

12/5 -  XHB @ 25.54 re-entry possible
12/4 -  XRT on stop 62.65
12/4 -  KRE @ 27.34 financials are still of interest to me.

12/4 - SRS @ 27.34 trying to short IYR (real estate) again. Price-chart only, no personal opinion.

         Over past few days I visited several stores. Department store, clothes seller and jeweler where absolutely empty. Not slow, empty. Walmart is busy, but people buying groceries and necessities at WMT. I haven't been to mall yet.
        This is not the only reason why I sold XRT. Consumer sectors took quite a beating in November. They recovered very well, but now are against the former resistance. With lousy price action over past few days, I was taken out on tight stop.

Consumer International

Lets see how far this down move will go.  There are no short consumer ETF's. There is no short interest of note. The way I see it - there is nobody out there to cushion the fall.

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