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Monday, December 10, 2012

Grains go Critical

Grains at a critical spot here.
I can't trade grain futures, but here is all-grain etf  JJG
After making a double bottom between Nov 12 and 19, they rally hard and now testing neckline.
Small breakdown and recovery is ok, as long as 54 not taken out.
I must have a full position on above 58. 
If this Double-bottom test fails - there will be another opportunity later at lower price
JJG has:
36.75% - Soybean (was at 40% on 6/30/12)
33.66% - Corn
29.59% - Wheat
Unclear if these are near or far contracts
Correlation to SPX  0.44
Fee 0.75%
Wheat and Corn held up the best thru this correction. It's the Soybean that's under-performing JJG.
So, Soy is a key to watch.

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