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Thursday, June 21, 2012

iBergamot SLD : GDX, VVUS

GDX stoped out at 46.04 on break of 5min OR.   -3.5% loss
Stop on open gap-down would be 46.27 (little better), but I still think that stop on opening gap should be 5 or 30 min OR.

VVUS 1/2 day stop at 26.45
1:04pm  VVUS all out             +8.5% gain

DOW on-close stop  33.20  ( Canceled. High buy volume from 3:15pm. Will wait till tom)

Feeling FUCKED again...

Daaam, even Cobra...

Re: 06/21/2012 Live Update

Postby Cobra » Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:58 pm
well, guess that's it for today. rebound tomorrow maybe, but chances are more down ahead. Thank you guys, I'll see you tomorrow. I had a really bad day, accidentally stopped out the ES short with very tiny gain and missed the whole ride, so in bad mood now. I should absolutely stick to my rule, but why again and again and again I simply violate the rule thinking I could be lucky this time? I really don't understand myself. Be a trader really is difficult, as I never right, always wrong... :(

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