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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iBergamot BOT : GDX

BOT : GDX @ 47.65 on stop             PF target 58-59
Stop 46.50 and may be higher than that.
Very unusual for me to buy miners without metal (SLV ).
Looking to sell 1/2 SSO, maybe today - nope, lets wait
VVUS 1/2 day stop 26.35 (not hit)
(...hmm... VVUS   ... this is  a tough call. PF target is 29.50, but with today's action I'm not sure it will get there on this move. June 20 is Fed = I usually don't trade and cancel all stops. So, here is a plan: if gap down - all out after 1st 5 min candle; then 30min OR; dont do anything around Fed; reevaluate around 3pm)

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