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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not-So-High High Yield

I always try to keep some high yield dividend paying component in System9 account.Stocks are usually no good, as there are many scams. The rest is a bunch of mortgage reit's, oil trusts,  etc that pay for months, but then suddenly drop 30-50% in a day. Then there are telecoms..., but I already have them in mut fund. So an idea is to stay with liquid names, etf's with low(er) expense ratio, but with a hand on ejection button.

I have utilities fund, AMLP, IYR

PSP is Listed Private Equity from PowerShares. Exp over 2%. Yield 13% paid quarterly.
REM is residential and commercial mortgages from iShares. Exp under 0.5%. 36 holdings. 10-15% quart.
IYR is real estate stocks and reit's. Same expense, but only 4% yield quarterly.
HYLD is actively managed corporate junk bonds from AdvisorShares. Exp 1.25%. Yield 8% monthly.
SDIV is dividend stocks from GlobalX. Exp 0.58%; yield 6%

Thinking about switching from IYR to REM, and add PSP
but softly. My schemes have been blowing up lately


  1. My go to has been LO as of late. They have a big fat cash cow in Newports and they have a shooting star in Blu E-cigs, 4.7% divvi not bad at all....

  2. Agree completely. I bought LO on first reaction after that March pop. It withheld recent rout very well. Reaction to 50-52 area is the key, as this thing seems to rally 10 points from wherever it finds the bottom.
    As for divi - check out GEO