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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Charlie Mike

From UrbanDictionary:
 It Means Continue Mission. Usually said after an interruption or hiccup in whatever you're doing. This phrase is derived using the phonetic alphabet (Military Alphabet).
And more:
           Whether you’re about to jump from an airplane, dive from a boat or assault a target – CHARLIE MIKE is all about making the mission happen – it’s about Never Giving Up until you have completed the mission and hearing the words MIKE CHARLIE: Mission Complete.

These where found in a different way. Instead of working from theme to chart, I made several scans in Finviz based on certain fundamental and technical criteria. Not too many results, but they are pretty

These been hit very hard.

Some Theme changes and notes:
- In Agriculture I removed NIB and BAL, they don't move enough. Added couple stocks, but they all pretty well correlated.
- Shippers are not correlated very much, plus a big advance in $BDI from summer last year is almost gone.
- Precious Metals and miners reduced somewhat.
- Marijuana was reduced drastically on last rip. I added a little recently.
- Uranium is looking better than ever since Fukushima. Unfortunately, that industry was all destroyed, most stocks are in single digits.
- Graphite coming out of multi-year base. I'm buying dips in half positions. Miners are Canadian penny stocks - no go. My list is old - need to review.
- Solar. With all my great expectations for Solar industry, I never got around to making a list.

- Copper was all stopped out, no re-enrty, temp on hold

----------------------------IN THE NEWS---------------------------------
The biggest stir in a market (unbelievable) is actually Michael Lewis's new book "Flash Boys" about HFT and how "markets are rigged". Story will sell, politicians and FBI are involved, floor traders are shouting behind the scene - what a fucking circus.
Volume is not liquidity, you simple-minded scoundrels! High Frequency Traders (HFT) are not market-makers! Scalping doesn't make markets more efficient!
None of this even matter, but makes for exciting TV (they even held commercials for entire segment)


Whats really funny is none of it is new, and shills on a Tee-Vee has been in bed with these same fuckers since forever. Here is Cramer sweating bullets in 2009, admitting  that he is wrong as much as right (o, horror), that CEO's lie to him on his very show, that investors being sold down a river ... and this moron is still on boob-tube pimping same crap to new generation of suckers.

The real kicker thou is a ticker tape at 0:30. Here is SPX  70 points off the bottom @ 736; oil @ 45; ESLR @ 1.18... and they tell me that long-term investing has no merit, o, and somebody scalping a penny off the vig make any difference at all. How? Today SPX 1888; oil doubled, Gasoline tripled... they can have a damn penny. Evergreen Solar (ESLR) filed for bankruptcy in Massachusetts in 2011, moved to China, and now a billion dollars in sales private company.

As for me, I remember 2009 like it was yesterday. No, I wasn't buying SPX for a Thousand points gain in 5 years. I was scared that the sky is falling, watched CNBC 24/7, and was shorting everything via options. Nobody told me that I was 'over-thinking' back then...


There is another book about HFT etc, I am actually more interested to read. In it there is a story about Thomas Peterffy of Interactive Brokers saying back in October 2010:
"Technology, market structure, and new products have evolved more quickly than our capacity to understand or control them. The result has been a series of crises over the past few years that have caused many investors to lose confidence or to think that the whole system is a rigged game."

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