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Monday, May 13, 2013

New Moon


New moon was 2 days ago, Solar is active non-stop with 2 M-Class flares last week and X-Class today. We are going to get fried down here, if there is no respite sometime soon.

           Planting starts this week, although its still 40's at night. If we don't plant now - there is not going to be any harvest anyway. I don't fertilaze, but I can't see what choice farmers will have. POT, MOS or bust, but I need a dip to buy. Grains are not looking very promising, but I opened half size JJG on possible double-bottom with some volume profile improvement. Its quite possible that I will buy more at lower price.
          Finviz has 2 groups I know nothing about - Farm products and Food Major, of which I have some in my watch list. Fly just went long ANFI - a 300mil Food-Major out of Emirates- I don't see this as good entry. Many talking about water stocks, but LNN is in a process of retesting a double top neckline (its a pretty big January-April double top). I was looking at GAGA - horrible looking chart of profitable largest greenhouse vegetable producers in China. The seems to be changing some things that may improve the situation, plus I am interested in everything China.

Of interest to me are:
DRYS here and above 1.90;
REMX, LYSDY and all main Rare Earths on some kind of dip, also URA, CCJ and Uranium group

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