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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dollar Short

System 10 trying to short Dollar end of Sept, two in October and now.
This is it. It should die here, or DX goes higher, much higher.
From Molecool  http://evilspeculator.com/?p=32321#disqus_thread :
greenback is offering up an inside day + NR4 day. I would love to see an upside breach here which would really throw a curve ball at those Dollar bears. But of course I wouldn’t mind a drop below today’s lows tomorrow – less evil but potentially profitable nevertheless.
 (See how different daily candles looks on his and my chart !
Not all charts are the same. I guess different data providers.)

iBergamot ducks to avoid " a curve ball thrown at those Dollar bears".
(I am biased - thats not good)
 Looking at this chart and all I see is DOWN!
That was quick.
"Eurogroup meeting ends without agreement on Greece."
They had a meeting till 5 am local time?
Euro tanks, dollar rally, ES -10. Will see in a morning.
I thought nobody gives a shit about Greece anymore

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