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Monday, November 19, 2012

Positions, changes


(etf's are not a positions. For tracking intraday only)

11/14 - XRT 61.68 bot back at higher price
11/14 - FIUIX added to utilities
11/15 - CG  25.56   -  CARLYLE GROUP. Stop under 25
11/16 - IWM  2x-position  at 76.95, targeting low 80's than will see

i have money for 1 or 2 more. IBB comes to mind. Just like KRE and XRT I was shaken out at lows. May re-buy it today. Not sure.

Had my eyes on Carlyle for years, and especially since ipo. Stop under 25.

 I was pocking around in Finviz, and look
IWM short interest is 97% ! How is it even possible?

"Some people say peace is on the way,
But the worst is still to come.."

This shit does plays by the book. Spooky


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