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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ibiza - The Impossible Dream

With total collapse of my little world, I find myself firmly with my head up my ass. Silly and really strange how little of firm footing... And so on. Enough!
           Since my big plans went kaput, and I really don't want to start running somebody's money again I decided to get myself an impossible dream.
           This is not first, I had dreams so impossible there was no reason to even mention them. All came true! ALL ! And more.
           So , here it goes: Ibiza. Not directly of course. We have to go to Paris first. Paris is a must! 12 hour drive from Paris, France to Valencia, Spain ? Hmm... I can see it as a 2 day trip with stop in... Toulouse... no... Barcelona ..., but definitely to Ibiza. Can't drive directly into Ibiza - it's an island. May be there is a ferry boat?
in french it says: "mesdames et messieurs dans quelque instants nous allons entré dans la septième dimension" it means "ladies and gentlemen in few moments we are going to enter in the seventh dimension" :)
            BTW, the footage in this video is of  Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain). Just as good

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