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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

VIDEO: S&P500 Price Movement, Sectors and MADI

In this video I recap last CSI Trend in S&P500 ETF - $SPY.  The SPY trend started on a week of Brexit  June 27 and completed with an 'OFF" sell signal on a week of August 29. All S&P sectors are either in correction or 'OFF'. A timely sell signal in Industrial sector $XLI from my video a couple of weeks ago revisited.

I realize  that some of CSI (Composite Score Indicator) terminology may sound a bit bizarre, but I try to explain it in these videos the best I can, with actionable points along the way. I never published any info about CSI and don't think I should just put it out in the open. Including CSI overview and rules into a paid subscription service seems to best option at this time. Any questions or suggestions are welcome - use comment section or Twitter: https://twitter.com/i_Bergamot

I also discuss My Advance-Decline Indicator (MADI) - a slightly different approach to $NYAD analysis. Instead of plotting a Cumulative chart of NYSE advance-decline line (which will change depending on starting point), I look at them as an average. Basically, MADI is similar to McClellan Oscillator, but more adjustable. I will explain more in next video.
This video was published a couple days ago, but i forgot to link it to this blog. The plan is to put these videos out every week on Monday, or maybe during a weekend. I find them pretty useful as summary of recent past and different scenarios for immediate future. I hope my dear readers are as well...

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