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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

See What I Do (SWID) Subscription

SWID is not a typical advisory service.
First of all, I am not an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) - so anything I publish can not be considered as a legitimate investment recommendation, as far as CFTC RULE 4.41 is concerned. Traditional disclaimer, attached to all stock trading websites, clearly states that everything you pay for is a complete bul%$(t. Yet people sign-up for exorbitant fees, follow vague or pin-headed advise and ... lose money, while wondering "How come when everybody taking profits, I only cut losses? Must be something wrong with ME?"

Investing is very hard by itself, and especially considering proliferation of scam websites (link-lol) dedicated to endless pump-and-dump of overhyped stocks with intent to facilitate swift distribution of institutionally held shares. Illegal? What do I know? But those services always have the best writers, the most amazing personalities and fashionable web-page designs.

Fear-mongering blogs are designed to mislead and confuse active trading community. They have busy and very engaging comment sections, with variety of opinions and ravishing discussions. Come to think of it, many posters are so engaged that I wonder: "Do they even work at all? Some characters comment and tweet so often and in so many different places - I don't know if they have any time left for carrier, or study, or family... Or may be THAT IS their job?" I wouldn't pretend to know, but if I did I won't tell anyway. I'm not stupid.

Then, there are just plain crazy people, with some kind of wrong-footed mission. They are easy to recognize, but hard to avoid. Thankfully, this type usually self-distracts or switches to another fetish du-jour.

I am the fourth kind - The Real Deal!
I make money from speculating in financial markets. It's not a job. I don't work for anybody. I manage my own small account - family money, saved over a course of few years - without any specific expectations, but with goal to eventually withdraw more money than was originally put in.

While I don't make any claims about my past or expected performance, I publish my Strategies right here on this blog with reviews of gains and losses, for everyone to read and learn. After 15 years of being involved in Markets, these are the ONLY ways I found to make money in Stocks for a small individual investor. I believe I possess wealth of useful information, practical experience and sensible disposition, so my knowledge can be sold for a modest sum. The only way it can work is to give subscriber an ability to
See What I D
in real time, with real money.

SWID Subscription is an annual membership fee that gives an access to a private Twitter Account @SWID_iBergamot, where I announce all my trades, occasional commentary and some pertinent thoughts, concerning Systems and Methods published on my blog. At present time, Systems are being rolled out gradually and according to market conditions, so the subscription service is offered at a low introductory price of $100 per year. 
Think of it as a vote of confidence and support for your humble servant. 

Enter your Twitter Handle

UPDATE 5/16/2017.
It has been almost 8 months since I made this offer on the interwebs.
During this time I did not receive a single  subscription payment, had no requests for additional information and don't have any followers on Twitter. In the interim, I was offering a FREE access to above private Twitter account, yet to no avail. Not one request or question in comment section. Meanwhile, S&P went up 15%, but my account is better than 20% to the good. Keeping in mind that gold portfolio has been a dead-weight and reduced total gains by a bit over 10%. Gold and miners was never a part of the subscription offering because these are legacy positions taken years ago, based on now inactive System 8 (I will write about great promise, infallible premise and ultimate put-down of S8 sometime in the future. It's not a story of losses, but one of a struggle and bitter-sweet triumph).

Based on total lack of interest from general public, I therefore canceling all subscription offers, stop tweeting my trades, but will keep this blog open and free for the benefit of humanity.

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