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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hammer Time

.this message will self-destruct in a couple of hours .
(note 11/17/2014. 
On a second thought I'll  keep this post the way it is. Long time ago I decided to never change or erase anything on my blog, like many other 0nalists do. This is my journal - for better or worse, smart or stupid - this is the way it is.
 "Each man practices as he feels inclined" - Miyamoto Musashi)

Don't go buying them hammers
...yea Im talking to you - you know who you are...
Let the bottom to materialize first - everything else is just figment of your imagination and gambling instincts. You got to fight that shit.

Yes, My Advance-Decline Indicator (MADI) is in buy-the-dip territory, BUT it has to turn up first, BECAUSE the bottom may be lower and later.
 Go eat a sandwich

I haven't bought a single share yet, but I will.
I don't day-trade, besides how is it possible when yesterday hourly range was bigger then weekly range just a few months ago. Do you have a method to work this madness? Cus I don't...
I don't know if its a bear-market - nobody does

System12 update coming today. It will have a message for you

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