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Monday, August 18, 2014

System 12 8-2014. 'Operator Error'

 .this update covers activity from 8/18/14 to 9/17/2014.


 System 12 is still light with 5 slots available.
I made a serious mistake. While S12 was light, and there was nothing I could take from MD, I was suppose to go for any available of SD. Specifically CHL and HSBC were on my list to buy, but I didn't (for whatever misguided reason). Now China Mobil (CHL) is in Mega Dozen, extended as fuck, without me in it. I don't know how to deal with such 'operator error' - I was supposed to play the system, instead I decided to screw with it. Not good...
I think its only second Emergency Exit (EE) since S12 started, and it happened on AAPL just a couple of days from big announcement... two phones and a watch... lol

BOT: JPM on 8/19; JNJ on 8/21; WFC on 8/29; WMT on 9/3; GE on 9/8
SLD:  AAPL on 9/3 EE!
DIVI received: MSFT, JNJ

This is MD:

MD Control: CVX, NVS out; CHL, PTR in
XOM, GE, WMT are toying with 'disqualified'.
I don't have XOM, WFC, JNJ, RDS/B, GE, WMT, CHL
I don't see any earnings coming up.

This is SD:
T is out; KO is in
I have PG and IBM; PTR moved up into MegaDozen (MD).

This is Arnott Overlay (AO):
XOM, GE, WFC, BRK, AAPL for 20% each
RAFI 1000 index was rebalanced. Most recent weightings are here (link). Last check 7/29/2014.

Arnott Overlay and System12 Select Theme (AOS12s) of System9.
As of 8/18 it holds BRK, MSFT, GOOGL, IBM and i will gladly buy standard size positions of anything that gives an entry (up to maximum allocation of 25% of portfolio)
GURU holdings include: AAPL,  JPM, MSFT, PG, WFC
EEBL include: IBM, MSFT, WFC

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