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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Europe - the Old World.  All the talk on Tee-Vee and on Internets has been about some kind of crisis in Europe for years and years. Nobody seems to mention that actually Europe as a whole IS the biggest economy in the World. Add England or not makes no difference.

The amount and quality of pure science and innovation from EU, GB and also Russia is just staggering. From life changing projects like Large Hadron Collider to life-saving endeavors like SynBio and HSCI , Europe is moving ahead regardless of what politicians and bankers do.
This Biotechnology Boom we are enjoying here is States over past couple of years is ALL based on science that came out of Germany and Russia since 2011. Innovation is the process of converting inventions into invoices, but new scientific discovery is necessary first. Old World governments are heavily invested  in science, and kept commitments even thru financial crisis.

I was thinking long and hard about politics and economics of  European region. There is alot going on - good and bad, but while it all makes for a great cocktail-hour conversation, I don't find this way of thinking productive, pertaining to investing in Europe.

Biggest European ETF's :
VGK has lowest expense ratio 0.12%, followed by  FEZ 0.29%, others are 0.5 to 0.7 (GREK)
Emerging Europe, Russia and some others

Looking at these charts today, I don't see anything good to buy.
Actually, it seems that Europe is fucked (again).

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