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Friday, May 25, 2012

Looking for Something Positive

From The McClellan Market Report
Thanks Tom.

 The lower indicator in this chart is a 2-day percentage rate of change for HIO (High yield bonds).  It just measures how much price change has occurred since two days before.  When we see a drop of greater than 2% over a two day period, that is usually a great sign of a short term bottom for the overall stock market.

Next is Dem President reelection:
 Finally, I don't know where he is getting this data from, but it was published on Feb 4, 2012 and points to June bottom (BTW my A/D indicator posted its highest reading of the year on Feb 3)
A fight that broke out in the corn pits of the Chicago Board Of Trade earlier this week. Apparently it was a fight over an order. One trader thought that the other trader stole one of the others' orders. (I covered DBA short days ago)

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