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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

VIDEO: T Theory Observations 12-2016

Based on T-Theory concepts of Terry Laundry.

'Winter T' projects tops and bottoms for Stock Market in January and February 2017.
Upon closer inspection I discovered a T with center posts in November and possibly in December of this year. Because 'Winter T' is too short in duration, has questionable center post for 'Last Low' and some other concerns I explain in video - I don't consider these time projections as reliable for top placement. However, if Advance-Decline Line reverses and falls going into some of these dates - then there is a high chance that 'Time Symmetry' actually points to a bottom date and will be useful to find a buyable dip.

Considering that Rate T (post link) projects a Stock Market Lows in spring of 2017 and then again in summer, I think that there are opportunities ... for which cash will be needed.
I want to remind that T Theory is not a trading tool, but a 'range of options' that will have to be evaluated by other measures in real time.

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