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Thursday, August 11, 2016


I will begin to offer an annual subscription in near future.

It is not an advisory service.
I will grant access to a private Twitter feed, where I will post all my trades in real time. In fact, because most of orders are on-stop, it will be easy to follow and execute.
I will lay out in detail all my methods and systems, so a subscriber will fully understand basis of each decision, including risks and limitations.

I will not put all this out at-once. It would require a book or two, plus market is always moving and I strive to act with it. Please, don't think that I am constantly chasing some latest fad or pumping stocks. I do not. My investment style is based on systematic, repeatable, almost mechanical approach with healthy dose of common sense and experience. Systems I design, test and trade are NOT some cockamamie day-trading rules, but rational speculations with reasonable expectation of gain in near future.  My research is ongoing and my methods constantly improve. I think there is a benefit to a regular reader of my journal - in understanding of reasoning and strategies I use, as educational material.
In other words: I can teach you to fish...

Gradually and according to market conditions, I will publish pertinent information, with hope that it will also spark a meaningful discussion in comment section.

Why am I doing this?
First of all, I am lonely. I don't know anybody in real world that I can have an intelligent conversation with, about what I want to talk about - investing and speculating in financial markets. With real money. In real life. My money is not inheritance or wild lottery win. Its savings... its not much... just like everybody else. The reason 'WHY' this money where put aside is to make them grow by investment, for future use. I make the 'future' come sooner.

Secondly, I am in business of making money in the markets. And I do. Dollar amount of profits are not that big due to relatively small base I have to work with, although percentage gains can be quite large at times. Also they don't come on any regular or predictable basis. To smooth this out (and to allow my capital to compound at faster rate) I need an additional income. So I will sell my best skill for as long as I need to. (I don't make forecasts)

I believe I possess wealth of useful information, practical experience and sensible disposition, so my knowledge can be sold for a modest sum. The only way it can work is to give subscriber an ability to
See What I D
in real time, with real money.

It is very important to understand that I am not a RIA, not giving advice on what to do, not making recommendations, not promoting any stock, website or business. I am just a regular, average American guy,  husband and father, who happened to learn alot about markets over past 15 years and found a Way to turn this knowledge into profits. Anybody can do the same or better and maybe faster, if they start where I am right know.  For a reasonable fee I intend to disclose what I do, with explanation as to 'how' and 'why', so committed follower can not only imitate, but also improve. Readers are urged to not blindly follow my actions, but to observe, learn and make independent rational decisions. Do your own thinking... I try...

We will start with this blog and Twitter, add occasional video and may be LiveStream and see where it goes from here.

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