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Monday, July 14, 2014


Summer market leaders.

Simple Finviz scan:  consider any reasonable stock (over 300mln market cap, $10+, at-least 500K volume), of profitable company with very low or no debt. I want something that doubled in past 12 months, and still above 50/200 day ma. With S&P continuously pushing all time highs, should not be a problem to find many of these. Right? Wrong! Only 12 plus FaceBook.
These are the leading stocks: internet and shit, couple of biotechs, airline. Three Chinese. XRS pays 7% divi. AMBA and RGEN unter 1bil. Very high short interest in QCOR, WUBA, LOGI, AMBA, RGEN


Here, courtesy of ZeroHedge, is a  page of 1st issue of Wall Street Journal on July 8, 1889.

Colorful annotations draw shocking parallels between trials and tribulations of distant past and today's news. Like I mentioned before, nothing ever changes. Not in human affairs, nor in markets. Ever...

Thanks, Tyler

Here is more:

Marc Faber, Schiff, and Gartman talk markets
Oy Vey Iz Mir, you know...

 John Williams of ShadowStats talks at length about gov statistics mambo-jumbo, and how distorted it is, comparing to old ways of dicing and slicing of economic data. For only 175/year, responsible Mr. Williams delivers reshuffled economic reports, based on 'right' methodology.... no, I will not be cursing here...
Still, interesting talk, worth a listen... minus f@%#ing statistics

Robert Kessler of Kessler Investment Advisors shorted bonds while long term bullish. ... Because 'its reasonable to be careful'... Classic... But really, these are the guys who ALWAYS win, even when they losing... He-he
Thanks, Consuelo

Old School Charlie Munger in 2009, talks about idiot boom, false competitiveness, and Berkshire investment tricks.
Plain spoken, rare these days.


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