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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big Data and Cloud

Why am I so scared? A reflection of social mood or contrarian stance?
The weakest link - information, communication, cell phone and internet. There are redundancies, protection and back-up, but will it be enough? A small earthquake (about a year or two ago) - and everybody was lost, no phone, no plan... one can steal a City-Hall and nobody will notice until sometime later.

They think a stop-loss order will work. If you can put it in, if broker will receive it, if market functions properly and with liquidity enough to accommodate... Many if's

I hear a lot of stories about hackers and internet attacks. I hear stories about Big Data mining and spying. I hear that Cloud Computing will change the way we live and work on internet. I am asking a lot of question, I am asking computer programmers and users, I read, I research. I have NOT heard a meaningful and coherent explanation about how all this shit really works together. If the only people who should know, really don't - what about the rest of us?

There is a ISE Cloud Computing Index Fund - SKYY - its top 10 holdings (almost a half of assets) change quite a bit from month to month, plus they rebalance semi-annually. Expense ratio is 0.6%. Started trading in Summer 2011, it recently broke all time highs with strong Volume Profile (VP).

Cyber Security

----------UPDATE 2/16/2014------------------
            UPDATE UPDATE 4/9/2014
Less than 2 months later all Fly's picks from above look pretty pump-n-dumpish...

..............................................In the News.............................................
Less than 2 weeks after this post Nasdaq main computer broke down for 3 hours. As soon as it came back, NYSE computer froze. The following day Eurex Exchange broke down for over an hour. "Technical issues" are the reason. Yea, no shit. Trading was disrupted for some securities, and I actually had some of them, and I couldn't put the sell-stop order in. All this when volume was very low and many are still on summer vacation, plus Sell Rosh Hashanna on September 5. So the question from above post: "If you can put your stop order in?.. The answer is : NO!

Other than that, its all Sirya. We are not going in without UN resolution, which Russia and China promised to veto, except they walked out from meeting where voting was suppose to happen. Politics - show business for ugly people.

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