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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sld : XCO, ROST. __ Bot: LYSDY

XCO on stop. No re-entry for now. Resistance at 7.50-8 is too strong.
ROST weak lately, lagging retailers. Re-entry possible. Wait.
(speaking of retailers XRT is much weaker than RTH, but RTH has no volume. Need to look what is inside of RTH)

LYSDY.  1/3pos and looking for any BTFD. I had a full position closed on 5/17/12 at the same price. Took a loss of $1200 !
They finally got TOL approval. Jump 50% on news. This is a much needed good news for whole Rare Earths sector. Watching MCP, AVL, TAS.
Liquidating DCHAF for a couple of weeks now. Merger is announced with some other company, I have no interest in. That "other company" is investing in bunch of gold start-ups and looks like losing money on it. Methinks they going to use Dacha cash flow to cover these loses. I will be all out soon.


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