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Friday, August 31, 2012

Positions. 110% invested.

TBT 1/2
TTWO, EA, XCO, CCJ all 1/2 - drop/or/add

Going into "The Hole" i am $110% in all long. Tried to reduce portfolio size, but every time I sell something - there is bunch of stocks to buy.
This is a maximum amount of positions. For sure, its hard to keep an eye even on that many. So much so, that I can't keep up with this journal. That's very bad. Must bring the records up to date, ASAP.

Closed positions: (All still on watch list)

PF points to 1377SPX at about 50dma. This is the only one down target I see. All others point up to 1450 and more up. That aside, I can't say its all up and up from here. Just in case I have my stops all figured out, I'll take them and that's that. From here - a little push lower and we are going to test spring lows.

Yesterday I had a panic attack during the day. The last one I had was a year ago. Now, there was no specific reason for it. Unlike summer 2011, this year is  good to me. Account is pretty much at year's high. Summer of last year we where going into bear market, but somehow got turned up. Right now we seem to start a 3 to 6 month slow-moving, low-volatility bull market, but it's not confirmed yet. New highs on RUT (via IWM) and Bob's your uncle.

All the pressure build up for Jackson Hole, even tho I watch very little news nowadays, is badly affecting me and probably countless others. It's sick - how much power one man has over markets worldwide. I can't even guess what he will say and how markets will react to QE-or not-QE. In fact I will not be surprised if he says the same thing in 22 different ways, and market will draw a blank. Most importantly, I must avoid all this wrong-footed way of thinking, disregard the news and just look at charts. Its all there.

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