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Monday, April 23, 2012

iBergamot SLD: SLV, STKL

SLV sold @29.69. No point to keep it below 30.
STKL sold on stop 5.54 (may be too close)
Silver is being hit harder than gold. Miners, RE all down.
Surprisingly DCHAF and MWSNF are up, and (-DBA) not falling hard.
There is no way to know when and how it ends, but 1350ES will be telling.
Breakdown and reverse up hard would be a beautiful doblebottom, but I'm not frontrunning it.
Rather be late, than try to catch a falling knife.
New watch list is growing.
ES am low 1354; OI 2782 - steady from 4/17 (on 4/10 OI 2751)

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